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Why Cold-Pressed Juice?

Are you wondering- why drink cold-pressed juice? What is it? Will it make me glow from the inside out? Do not worry, here at Omega Juicers we are delighted to explain all about the benefits of drinking cold-pressed juices. 

Let us start by saying, everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) can drink cold-pressed juices. Contrary to some popular beliefs, you do not need to eat plant based to enjoy the benefits. Cold-pressed juices are beneficial to all and promote total overall health for your whole body. So here are a few ways that cold-pressed is right for everyone: 


  1. They help fight harmful environmental factors! Our bodies are constantly trying to rid themselves of bad toxins through detoxification to avoid the harmful effects to our bodies. Those environmental factors include but are not limited to: secondhand smoke, smog, junk food, alcohol, stress, and more. Our organs work overtime to keep our bodies going and cold-pressed juices are a way of assisting. 
  2. They are packed with nutrients! And these nutrients helps with a number of things including immunity boosts, fighting toxins, and promoting overall health and wellness. 
  3. It only contains the good stuff! Because the cold-pressed method only contains the juice, the body does not have to work so hard to break down the fibre. Instead, the body is able to absorb all the minerals and nutrients almost instantaneously. Providing you with that perfect energy boost right after consumption!

So next time you are feeling like you need a little pick-me-up or your body just feeling a little off, grab yourself a cold-pressed juice and reap the amazing benefits. 

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by Brooke Graham on September 07, 2020

I am wanting one of these juicers! 😆 I would like to be able to use it up to a few times daily and for it to be ‘cold pressed’ .
Please send info for what would be best as I’d like to use it for both celery juicing and other fruits and vegetables also.
Thanks kindly! 😊
Brooke ☀️

by Mobina on September 07, 2020



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